Post Production Services


Putting it all together.

Even the best raw footage is just that... raw.
Taking images,video and audio and crafting the separate elements into a single polished presentation is the job of the editor and the post production crew.

Flying Finish offer full multimedia production services to our clients.
Motion graphics, video editing and multi-track audio engineering can all be provided at a fraction of the cost of using a large studio.

We understand the requirements of the small business and our focus is to deliver the highest production values for the lowest budget possible.


One of the most popular requirements is to take existing presentation material - say a Powerpoint lecture that has had the speaker's audio attached to it - and produce web-ready content that can be streamed from either the client's site or if appropriate one of the publicly accessible video sites (YouTube, DailyMotion etc.).
The production process may require re-processing of the audio track to improve legibility, re-rendering the slide graphics, or even the removal of "unsuitable" material that may infringe copyright or for some reason not be suitable for broadcasting.
Title graphics and credits can be added, even sub-titles for the hearing-impaired.